Minutes of the meeting.



  • EGEE, Johan Montagnat
    - it is possible to execute parametric tasks
    - it is now possible to submit small tasks (> 5 minutes) with a high priority (but the number of small tasks is limited)
    - better robustness
    - Pierre : Are the material ressources dedicated to EGEE ?
    -> EGEE own no ressources but associated laboratories offer dedicated ressources for EGEE
    Which means to participate as computing center ?
    -> example : at IN2P3, 10 persons
    Which investment at the user level ?
    -> easy, tutorials are organised frequently
    - André : could you recall us how to access to EGEE ?
    - cf. slides

  • Grid5k, Olivier Richard
    - Horizon (ANR LEGO), Eddy Caron, cosmological simulation, March/April 2007 : challenge, possible feedback in a next meeting
    Pierre : and the localisation of the data
    - March : school about grids
    - cf. slides

  • Some comments, Pierre Valiron
    Olivier : Grid5k will be more open to other communities in the future
    Pierre : research of clusters accepting VO requests
    - cf. slides

  • Galaxy simulations, Annie Robin
    Pierre : you have internal and external needs, perhaps duplication the services
    Giuliano : which size ?
    small to big (needs a lot of ressources in this case)
    Pierre : some simulations could be archived to gain time but it is not possible for all
    Andre : which is the entry ticket to become a Grid5k node ?
    Olivier : at least 128 processors because human ressources are also needed and there are too high (many problems to resolve) for a small number of processors
    - cf. slides

  • "Portail numérique, VO Paris datacenter", Fabrice Roy
    Pierre : How to regulate the needs ? How to manage the scalability ?
    Jean-Yves : we double every year the computing power
    - common problem : how to limit the use of some people
    - cf. slides

  • Use case and Horizon project, Hervé Wozniak
    - cf. slides

  • VO Paris Data Center, Pierre Le Sidaner
    - cf. slides

  • Interest of computing grid in the frame of VO projects, Jérôme Berthier and Frédéric Vachier
    Jean Yves : SRB, distribution on different sites

- cf. slides

  • Grid Technology and Cosmological Simulations, Dominique Aubert
    - cf. slides

  • Grid use at CDS, André Schaaff
    - cf. slides

Final discussion

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