Use cases

  • Images (E. Slesak)
    • Usual method to evaluate and classify the extaction from an image
    • Characterisation of the image (quality, PSFs, stability, noise)
    • Do we need to implement some new storing standards ?
    • Think about lack of characterisation standard
    • Noise model definition : very long work
    • Scientifical quality will depend on the noise model definition
    • Does the DM includes poisson noise
    • E. Slezak : ask M. Louys and F. Bonnarel (J. MacDowell) to check if there is something included inthe DM Char. If not : Write note concerning the inclusion of the poisson noise in Char model
    • Cross use of the images (mosaic) (checking form and flux)
    • Fusion of images multiwavelength images
    • Extraction of sources and targets from images

  • Spectroscopy (P. Prugniel)
    • find common bricks to different scientifical use cases and easy to implement (for spectrum and observation)
    • bricks to be built separately included in a "pipeline"
    • compare models and observations (minimisation tools)
    • models : stellar athmosphere and stellar population
    • adjust resolution, redshift and extension
    • in Montpellier, grid of spectrum which will be accessible soon
    • lake in DM : characterisation (ok, ongoing work), observation models (we need other information like provenance DM), ...
    • workflow work depends on provenance
    • use Dalia (comparison tool, F. Boone) at the end of the workflow process ?

  • Theory (F. Le Petit)
    • Simulations codes, 2 codes which will work together, in a first step outside workflows (takes a few days)
    • Asynchroneous code
    • Send code to distant from local interfaces to AstroGRID (done with F. Roy)
    • Results is sent to MySpace in FITS format (interfaces made by J. Normand)
    • What we hope : extraction could be accessed for part of the data
    • SNAP (Single Numerical Access Protocol)
      • Not completely tested now. Version 0.1 to be discussed in China
      • For cosmologic data to get simulations snapshots (for example with VisIVO)
      • Question : is it possible to extand it to other simulations (schedule : simulation presentation in Beijing, other domains in Cambridge)
      • The DM will be presented in China, but still in progress, does not includes limitations
      • The community is not ready for being interested in Workflow and is mainly concerned on Access Protocol

  • Synthetical spectra (L. Chevallier)
    • Using Titan and NOAR for Compton heating.
    • separation of interface and computing space
    • TITAN & NOAR should be one brick
    • pause during the iteration
    • question concerning the implementation of old softwares with a VO layer in workflows
    • case of a brick composed by other bricks : do we use on brick or give the details


  • News from ADA (A. Schaaff)
    • a trainee is working on the tool packaging
    • a 6 month trainee will start in September a work around VO (future) standards like Characterisation in the case of workflow and ADA will be the testing platform
    • future evolutions
      • bricks of bricks (possibility to use macros for macro loops)
      • "optional links" (run and check afterwards for next optional computation)
      • links to WebServices
      • links to applications linked in Plastic data (?)
      • ...

  • Feedback from ESO Reflex meeting (A. Schaaff, E. Slezak, C. Pestel)
    • Reflex ends in 12/2007 (ESO pipeline workflow not linked to VO standards)
    • Use Taverna is not so easy (modification not easy, bricks are not really atomic and long term availability is not acquired)
  • Aladin JLOW Plugin Demo (T. Boch, C. Pestel),,
    • following the second meeting demo (prototype), the plugin has been redifined by C. Pestel
    • new possibilities and facilities, easy to use compared to the script mode

IVOA participation.

  • note (E. Slezak) in DM concerning noise. check with Mireille and Francois to verify if something is needed or already planned in Characterisation
  • participate to theory group (provenance model), P. Prugniel and F. Le Petit
  • usecases not needed in this meeting but they can be added on the WEB pages of the IVOA (F. Le Petit, E. Slesak, P. Prugniel, L. Chevallier and J. Berthier)
  • interactions with Paul harrison for Application model (A. Schaaff)
  • plugin aladin-JLOW in apps group (T. Boch)

Working group visibility

  • posters at SF2A (Grenoble, L. Chevallier-A. Schaaff? ) - JENAM (Ierevan, C. Surace?)- ADASS XVII (Londres, A. Schaaff?)
  • VOTech : work around ADA and JLOW in current cyle, link with standards (characterisation, ...) in the following cycle

Main ongoing work

  • interoperability of languages (AstroGrid, WEBCOM-G, ADA, ...), check with STIC community what are the finalities of the exchanges between workflows. What could be the best approach for standardisation. (contact J. Montagnat)


  • extraction of subparts in n dimesions hypercube
  • separation of structures in n dimensions hypercube
  • adapt resolution for imagery and spectrum
  • fit multi components
  • image addition, spectrum addition
  • to be published in WIKI pages of the WG
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