• Aim of the working group
  • 2006 priorities (image and spectrum use cases)
  • ...

Round table about people motivations

  • Interest about existing tool
  • Definition of use cases in their domain
  • Relation with VO standards
  • ...


  • WEBCOM-G, Bruno Voisin
    Demo with use of the Sesame Web Service
    Easy acces to services of the VO
    Job submission to grids
    Implementation not ready for production use and sources not available for the moment
  • MOTEUR, Johan Montagnat
    Example of medical image processing workflow
    Flexible, easy access to Grids, ..., limited at the design level due to the use of Taverna
    Research products
    Good performances
    Information about Workflow managers, DAGMan, Taverna, Triana, Kepler, ...
  • AÏDA and JLOW, Jean-Julien Claudon - Cyril Pestel - André Schaaff
    Demo with an example provided by Eric Slésak
  • Image Use Case, Eric Slézak
  • Spectrum Use Case, Philippe Prugniel
  • Do we need portable workflows ? Scalability and conversion issues raised by the Aladin/AVO use case, Thomas Boch
    Workflow used for the AVO 2004 Demo (search of QSO 2)
    Workflow is present in Aladin but not visible, how to export a Workflow created in Aladin to other tools ?
    Are people working on the interoperability between Workflow tools ?
  • Search for signatures of Exoplanets in databases, A. Sarkissian
  • A data model for the description of numerical codes used by the DALIA interface, Frédérick Boone

Short resume of the final discussion :

  • definition of a basic model (elements, relations, ...) for workflows is needed if we want to use different tools like Taverna, ... without the writing of a worflow for each tool -> take the first use cases and try to implement them in a first set of tools, extraction of which elements (elementary boxes, ...) and relations are used to do it

  • following the previous point : creation of templates

  • definition of a data model of the data used in a workflow

  • Check of the VO standards is needed (place of the Workflow, interaction with other standards, etc.)

  • Explore the relation with Grid technologies

  • ...

Use cases in other domains

one proposed by Jérôme Berthier (IMCCE)

Title: Fouille d'archives astronomiques

Aim: search and identify asteroids in the astronomical archives for the extraction of astrometric positions of bodies before their discovery

Interest: extend the temporal period for which we have astrometrical measurements to improve orbital knowledge of the asteroids and in particular of the asteroids Earth-Crossing asteroids

first draft of the Workflow - extraction of source in an image
- possibly astrometric calibration
- search of the celestial objects in "VizieR" and bodies of the Solar System (SkyBoT)
- crossing between the image extracted objects and the objects found with VizieR and SkyBoT, i.e. celestial object identification (cette partie est en cours de developpement a l'IMCCE)
- computing of the O-C for the bodies from the Solar System (and perhaps stars)

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