Exposés présentés par des équipes françaises et leurs collaborateurs à la réunion Interoperability de Victoria (14-19 mai 2006)

  • Plenary Session 1
    • UCD/Semantics: October 05 - May 06 (pdf), A. Preite Martinez
    • VOTable agenda (ppt), F. Ochsenbein

  • Plenary Session 2
    • Semantics Summary and Roadmap (ppt), A. Preite Martinez
    • VOTable discussions (ppt), F. Ochsenbein
    • IG Applications Summary (pdf), M. Allen

  • WG DAL
    • Spectral access: Discussion of utypes, F. Bonnarel (common session with DM)
    • SIA Upgrade Topics: CGPS radio data cube use case, F. Bonnarel
    • Generic Data discovery, Cube acces: CGPS Archive browser (ppt), F. Bonnarel, T. Boch, D. Durand
    • Current and future implementations: Footprints, F. Bonnarel, F. Pierfederici

  • WG DM
    • Characterisation progress and status, M. Louys
    • Characterisation - implementation and schema, F. Bonnarel
    • Characterization model - the first 2 test implementations (ppt), F.Bonnarel, S.Derriere, B.Gassmann, F.Ochsenbein
    • Data Model for Astronomical DataSet Characterisation - Version 0.93 (pdf), F. Bonnarel, M. Louys, J. McDowell, I. Chilingarian, A. Micol, A. Richards
    • Discovery mechanism using characterisation, I. Chilingarian
    • Spectral Line Model, M.-L. Dubernet
    • Data Views and access, F. Bonnarel
    • Observation/dataset datamodel: Restart non-characterization efforts? (ppt), F. Bonnarel, M. Louys
    • Provenance, M. Louys
    • Utypes: role and syntax (ppt), F. Bonnarel
    • Description of numerical codes, F. Boone (presented by M. Louys)

  • WG Registry
    • New resource types: Simulations (pdf), S. Derriere

  • WG Semantics/UCDs
    • UCD/Semantics (ppt), A. Preite Martinez
    • Request for modification of the List of UCD-words (ppt), A. Preite Martinez
    • Maintenance of the UCDs, A. Preite Martinez, S. Derriere
    • Ontologies: what's new (pdf), S. Derriere
    • UCDs in VizieR (pdf), F. Ochsenbein, A. Preite Martinez

  • WG VOEvent
    • VOEvent Standard Vocabulary (pdf), A. Preite Martinez, S. Lesteven, F. Hessman, R. Williams

    • CDS Skynode implementation feedback (pdf), A. Schaaff, présenté par F. Ochsenbein

  • WG VOTable
    • Organisateur de la session: F. Ochsenbein

  • IG Applications
    • Organisateur de la session: M. Allen
    • SAADA and the VO: querying heterogeneous datasets with Saada (ppt), L. Michel
    • DALIA interface and BASECOL (ppt), N. Moreau
    • Plastic demonstration, (pdf), T. Boch
    • Aladin Field of View demonstration (pdf), T. Boch
    • VO Application interoperability study (ppt), P. Fernique

  • IG Theory
    • Summary France VO Theory workshop, H. Wozniak
    • Characterisation Data Model applied to simulated data (ppt), M. Louys

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